Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Khushab District
I merged Khushab into this page. I did my best to remove redundancies, unintelligible material, large sections of non-english material (this is english wikipedia...), POV, etc. The current article is still a hodgepodge, but I hope more knowledgeable editors can help with that.

I have moved the following information from the article here as it contradicts what the sources say, both official government sites List of Tehsils and districts - Statpak.gov.pk and NRB.gov.pk, the source states two tehsils, this article said there were three:

The Villages of Khushab tehsil are are Anga, Balwal, Bansi, Bola, Daiwal(the hub of the Sanghas), Dhak, Girot, Hadali, Hassan Pur Tiwana (Hamoka), Jaba, Jalalpur Syedan Hamdania, Khabeki, Khatha, Khhotakka, Kufri, Kund, Mardwal, Mitha Tiwana, Mohib-Pur, Nali Nari, Nowshera, Padhrar, Pail-Piran, Parachagan, Rakh Rajar, Roda and Sabral

Villages in Noor Pur Thal Tehsil are: Adhi Kot, Adhi Sargil, Bambool, Billand, Boranawala, Chan, Dhamak, Jamali Balochan, Jara, Jatooi, Jharkil Kalwal, Katimar, Khai Majoka, Maiken, Mehmood Shaheed, Nawan Saggu, Nikro Shaheed, Noor Pur, Obhal, Palowan Pelovanis, Rahdari, Rangpur Baghoor, Shah Hussain, Shahwala and Sidha.

Villages in Quaidabad Tehsil are 14MB, Bandiyal, Choa, Goleywali, Gunjayal Jabbi Sharif (the main Village of Daman Mohar), Majoka, Mitha Kho, Namewali, Okhali Mohla and Warchcha

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Dr.Wajid Pirzada said...

Khushab district has a unique ecology like Pakistan itself.It has hilly terrain of soon valley,desert of Thal and irrigated agriculture in Khushab and Shahpur.
Weather has exremes of Thal and coolness of soon valley.The district is known as abode for "sufia" who preached Islam in this part of Subcontinent and made many people embrace Islam.The touch of Sophism can be felt in the length and breadth of the district.
It is gateway to districts of sargodha,Chakwal and Mianwali.